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2007 Government Web Managers One-Day Workshop – Web 2.0

One of the most interesting topics in this conferences was Web 2.0. What is Web 2.0?

A broad definition is that Web 2.0 is the use of the web for collaboration: rss, podcasts, blogs, wikis, videocasts, screencasting, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

All of the above have been in existence for some time, but now corporations and governments are looking at using them to expand their web presence.

One of the speakers at the Federal Governments Web Manager’s Conference was Pierre Wielezynski from the World Bank. He spoke of how negatively the World Bank is usually portrayed online in blogs (doh!), and how the organization developed their own in-house blog to create some buzz and authoritative accounts of the good work that the World Bank strives to accomplish in the world. Its authored by twelve employees within the World Bank, who blog about their work and real world experiences making loans to developing countries.

6,000 new blogs are created every month, according to Pierre. Wow!

There was a Q & A period, during which I pointed out that Facebook had recently been used during the VT Tragedy. VT Students made a page called, I’m okay at VT, to let their parents and friends know they were okay (the phone lines were busy). Anyway, Pierre mentions my comment in his blog:

“During the Q&A session, someone made a very telling comment: she created a facebook account just to see how student were coping with the Virginia Tech massacre and this led her to browsing around, finding a page about her organization   etc.. etc….This curiosity, I said, is how social media will happen in government. “

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  1. May 24, 2007 at 3:01 am

    hi there, the number i quoted on the numbers of blogs created is per hour, not per day. Based on technorati’s state of the world live web that you can see here: http://www.sifry.com/alerts/archives/000493.html, the number of blogs created is actually 120,000!

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