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Book Reviews going to the Blogs

Last week was the last class for my ENG 616 class – Non-Fiction writing at George Mason University. Beverly Lowry, the teacher (and quite a good one), said that it she had just learned that many major newspapers are doing away with their book review section.

The article, Are Book Reviewers Out of Print? , appears in the May 2, 2007 edition of the New York Times.

She asked me and my classmates what we thought of the idea of bloggers reviewing books.

Many of my fellow classmates stated that they did not personally read blogs. I spoke up for blogs, and quoted what I had heard recently – that 6,000 new blogs are created every month. My fellow classmates looked at me as if that did not matter.

I do read some book reviews in newspapers, including the New York Times. But I also read the book reviews on Amazon.com and yes, on blogs. Whereas some book reviews may actually cover whether the book is well written or not – the book reviews themselves are often quite long, dense and difficult to read.

Blogging the book reviews could be good for the book and good for the author. It might generate buzz, start conversations and create interest. Keeping the print version would be wise too, though – there is something more authoritative about words in print than words online.

  1. dewitt spencer
    September 9, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    you know your teacher Ms Lowry had a review of Larry Brown’s A Miracle of Catfish published in an issue of the NYT Book Review sometime this summer, don’t you? It was very well done.

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