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Getting others to link to your website

Most people know that its good to get other websites to link to theirs. If you are marketing goods or services, these links can expose your goods and services to wider markets, without advertising.

But how can you get others to link to you?

Sometimes it can be simple, although time-consuming. I spend at least one day a month sending emails asking other webmasters to link to various pages on my site.

For example, GSA has free small business classes on “How to get a GSA Schedule” every month. There are several small business organizations that could help their clients out by offering them this information via a link on their site. So every month I send out emails to local Chambers of Commerce, city and county small business asking them to link to GSA’s small business events page.

The format of the email is something like this:

Dear ………

I found your webpage on www.—-.—/— and found it very informative. Could I ask that you consider linking to GSA’s Events page, at www.gsa.gov/ncrnews, so that your clients could easily find information on free classes that GSA offers on “How To Obtain a Federal Supply Schedule Contract.?” If you have any questions, please contact me at ……


This is a website housekeeping task that I do once a month, generally when I’m also cleaning up broken links, or poring through webtrends to determine what pages users are going to on GSA’s site, and how they are finding these pages.

Over time, adding just one link a month can really increase the traffic to your website.

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