Joy Fulton – About me.

I have been working on websites since 1994.

Sites I work on include: GSA FAS ITS Products and Services and GSA Technology Programs. I was the original producer of the Great Government through Technology blog and the GSA FAS ITS Twitter account.

I was the managing editor for GSA’s eleven regional websites and the web manager of GSA’s NCR website for five years. I’ve managed websites for OPIC, the IRS, DoD, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and Arlington County, VA.

Before then, I was working for a small EDI software company, and was also involved with Carl Malamud‘s Internet Multicasting Service. Before that I was the Northeastern Regional Sales Manager for Consolidated/VMP Mortgage Forms.  Before that I was a mortgage analyst for Fannie Mae and had a number of roles there. And my first job was working for the U.S. Secret Service and then the Office of Comptroller for the Currency.

I’m a fourth generation Washington, DC native, and have a bachelor’s in english – writing and a master’s in professional writing and rhetoric from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

My personal profiles are located at: LinkedIn and Facebook, and I tweet as @joyrenee.

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